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Msr705 Reader Writer Software 47




We have rich experience in this area for more than 8 years. MSR705 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader/Writer Specifications:It is known to form organic light emitting diode (OLED) devices from stacks of organic layers. Each layer is deposited on a suitable substrate using vacuum deposition techniques and can include one or more charge generating and transporting layers. For example, it is known to form an electron transporting layer (ETL) on a substrate, to form an emissive layer (EML) on the ETL, and to form a hole transporting layer (HTL) on the EML. An emissive layer may include a mixture of a hole transporting component (e.g. a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) and an electron transporting component (e.g. triaryl amine) which generate visible light through electroluminescence. Charge generation and charge transport layers are known which have useful electroluminescence properties when deposited adjacent the emissive layer. It is also known to form an OLED device by growing the emissive layer on the hole transporting layer in a vacuum environment. For example, U.S. Pat. No. 6,706,577 describes a method of depositing a light emitting layer on a hole transporting layer by sputtering. A typical sputtering apparatus includes a plurality of magnets arranged in a spaced apart, parallel array and positioned relative to a substrate to be sputter deposited. The array of magnets has a shape, size and arrangement that creates an electric field at the surface of the substrate. The electric field causes charged particles to be attracted to the surface of the substrate in the shape of a virtual plasma having a non-uniform density.Rocky Mountain Chocolates Inspired by the Rocky Mountains, the food and food culture in Canada, and the fabulous city of Calgary, where we are lucky to live, the owners of Rocky Mountain Chocolates are hand-picked from the area and bring their passion for the industry and chocolates to our store. Their Motto: “all that is good in food and life,” embodies the founding family’s passion for great chocolate. Their love for and care about quality, sustainability, flavor and social causes is reflected in each and every piece of chocolate they create. They are among the small group of chocolatiers to export their chocolate worldwide. As well as creating beautifully packaged gourmet chocolates and confections, they enjoy growing and creating




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Msr705 Reader Writer Software 47

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